"What You Say"

Will Effect someone For A Lifetime!

Whether you say it in person, send it by text, type it on your laptop or put pen to paper. If you use words that are offensive to others, what you say, will! Effect someone for a lifetime.

Welcome! If you're here to improve your public speaking.

Make sure what you say is kind, you have an effect on others for good or bad!

If you are not qualified to give constructive critique, do not give it. If you have not been asked to provide constructive critique, on or off line, the same rule applies. Do not give it, I can guarantee you, it will not be welcomed by anyone.

If You Can Not Think of A Kind Way, To Express What You Have To Say, Don’t Say It!

What about freedom of speech I hear you say?

If you are unable to articulate your opinion, with kind communication you can get help to do so. Would you like some practial information & support with this issue? Click here

Everyone elses who thinks being kind and performing random acts of kindness, is an important part of life. Have you experienced a Traumatic event in your life or do you know someone close to who has?

Did it's take you time, to overcome your trauma, are you able to cope with it now?

I will be launching the "Pink Rose Patience Award" to 5 people who would like to share your story to help others and be part of the etiquetteuk community and want to grow their personal brand to help others to be kind. Knowing it just takes patience when coping with trauma!

Nominations will commence on the 22nd April 2020 The awards will take place on or close to the 26th June 2020

To take your 1st step towards being awarded the Pink Rose Patience Award. You can start now by following all social network on YouTube, Beauty by SLD, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Comment with #BeeKind I'm in!

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